All-Laser LASIK is a very affordable procedure. It has become the number one elective medical procedure performed in the United States today. Because it is an elective procedure, most insurance companies do not offer it in their medical coverage. Therefore, the patient is responsible for the costs associated with the procedure. Virginia Eye Consultants makes it possible to  enjoy a life free from corrective lenses. We offer our patients a variety of affordable options in paying for their All-Laser LASIK or other procedures.

The price of any procedure is determined by each individual prescription and may vary depending on individual needs.

Each surgical fee will include all of the following:

  1. A very thorough pre-procedure examination and a series of diagnostic tests.
  2. Post-procedure eye care that includes a series of examinations for the duration of twelve (12) months following your procedure. These post-procedure exams can be done at Virginia Eye Consultant’s office or the office of your referring optometrist.

Comparing the costs associated with wearing corrective lenses over a five-year period to the cost of Lasik laser vision correction, patients quickly discover that having their procedure performed at Virginia Eye Consultants makes real financial sense – the consultation is free, the procedure quick and painless, the results, life long – a life time of perfect or near perfect vision, free of the limiting, tiring effects of eye credit financing at virginia eye center

We offer our patients several attractive financing options that make achieving great vision a very real, affordable possibility. For details, please call our knowlegeable patient couselors today at 1(800)321-3937!

Your Medical Spending Account or Flex Plan

Great news! LASIK laser vision correction is now included in your Medical Spending Account (MSA), Flex Plan (FP) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). These accounts, offered by most employers today, afford you flexibility and choice in planning your own health care spending.

Medical Spending Accounts are also very attractive because these dollars are tax sheltered – the funds you designate for a medical spending account are withheld from your paycheck WITHOUT being taxed. This allows you to use your projected health care expense money without being taxed for it, yielding significant annual savings to you.

Generally, most companies encourage an annual review of benefit choices. You can choose a medical spending account, giving you the opportunity to create the health care package that most closely meets the medical and financial objectives for yourself and your family. If your company offers any of these plans, they are usually open to all permanent employees and their immediate family members.

Flex Dollars – “Use them or lose them”

Because of existing IRS regulations, if the amount you decide to put into your MSA, FP or FSA exceeds the actual expenses incurred by you or your immediate family members in the calendar Flex Plan year, the excess amount will be forfeited and may not be carried over to the next year. Just as important to remember, your employer cannot return any money remaining in your MSA, FP or FSA to you. So, now you have tax free funds – what’s better than spending them on GREAT VISION?

Contact Virginia Eye Consultants today and let us help you decide if using your medical spending account is the best financing option for you. Call our office at 1(800)321-3937 to learn about all of our financing options. We’re happy to answer your questions and we can help you get financing, usually on the same day you come in for your free consultation.

Virginia Eye Foundation

The Virginia Eye Foundation offers financial aid to patients that are in real need of a procedure that they simply can not afford. Our own doctors have personally invested copious resources into the development of this foundation in order to serve those patients who need a helping hand.

Learn More Today

To see if you or a family member qualifies for special needs consideration, please feel free to contact us directly at 1(800)321-3937. Our goal is to provide excellence in ocular health care to everyone regardless of circumstance.