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Living LASIK Life

Douglas’s LASIK Story – Sight for the Skies

“My whole life I had terrible vision,” said Douglas Murphy, a patient at Virginia Eye Consultants. Douglas is a junior at North Carolina State University and has been part of the Marine ROTC program since his freshman year. “My dream is to fly planes and that was not possible with... Read More

Sabrina Slam-Dunked Her Way Into #LivingLasikLife

Sabrina is our 2018 LASIK Madness winner and we can’t wait to see where LASIK takes her. From the young age of 14, Sabrina realized that she was having difficulty viewing the board at school from her seat in class. From that point forward, she had to wear contacts in... Read More

Shannon is Living LASIK Life

“I can see everything! The TV, texts on my cell phone, my computer screen at work. It’s all so clear. I’m ecstatic!” That’s what Shannon Flores had to say after her LASIK surgery at Virginia Eye Consultants. She’s worn glasses since second... Read More


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