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What Is The Best Age To Get LASIK?

Whether you play sports, travel frequently, or are simply sick of wearing glasses and contacts, LASIK is an amazing alternative for people with poor eyesight. But one question many people have before considering this procedure is when is the best time to get LASIK? Is there a right or wrong... Read More

4 Great NBA Players Who Improved their game with LASIK

The life of an NBA player is tough. Professional basketball players spend years practicing and working out to stay fit and competitive. They must sacrifice their time and energy to constantly improve, and these demands can be both physically and mentally challenging. Add poor vision to the mix and things... Read More

5 Unexpected Benefits of LASIK

The majority of the candidates for LASIK are simply happy enough with the freedom from glasses and contacts. What they often overlook are some of the more subtle benefits they’ll receive on a daily basis. These subtle benefits are what make LASIK uniquely special and life changing for patients. Let’s... Read More

27 Celebrities Who’ve Had LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery is a popular procedure used to correct the vision of people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. From someone who’s tired of dealing with glasses and contact lenses everyday to an athlete who needs his or her vision to be as sharp as possible, LASIK makes... Read More

Announcing Our Love Your LASIK Event

Summer's in full swing and it's the perfect time for swimming, boating or heading to the lake...unless you wear contacts or glasses!  Well, not anymore because Virginia Eye Consultants has just announced their Love Your LASIK Event!  From now until August 31st, you'll save $800 off All-Laser LASIK plus special financing*.... Read More

Dr. Yeu has LipiFlow at Virginia Eye Consultants!

Elizabeth Yeu, M.D., one of our fellowship trained, board certified ophthalmologists, had the LipiFlow® procedure performed on her own eyes at Virginia Eye Consultants!  LipiFlow® is a revolutionary FDA-approved procedure that treats the root cause, not just the symptoms, of Evaporative Dry Eye.  LipiFlow® has been proven to provide real, lasting... Read More

Stephen Scoper, MD & Elizabeth Yeu, MD Featured on WVEC TV Channel 13

Stephen Scoper, MD & Elizabeth Yeu, MD were featured on WVEC TV Channel 13 discussing breakthrough technology now available in cataract and LASIK surgery!  Incredible GPS tracking device built into Virginia Eye Consultants' laser adds a another level of safety, precision and accuracy. Click here to watch the video

Vision for Our Heroes

Every single day, first responders make our community safer. The EMTs, firefighters, nurses, police officers, search and rescue teams, and others work hard to provide use with assurance and keep us safe. All communities, from the largest metropolitan area to the smallest rural town, depend on their first responders to save lives... Read More

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